Tango Classes held every Monday Night

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@ The Tangueria/Sidewalk Tango, 327 Swan Street Richmond All welcome - no partner required - casual attendance


Basic Level I & II 7pm-8pm

Level I

Suitable for those new to tango or wanting to brush up on their technique and would like to revisit the basics or those who have taken a few tango classes but may be unfamiliar with teaching at The Tangueria

Level II

You are comfortable with concept of leading and following and have an understanding of the underlying tango structure and grasped the giro (circle) step.


The unique role of leader and follower, incorporating walking, balance, posture and technique for tango movement.  Basic musicality and an introduction to improvisation is taught.  Vocabulary includes the cruzada, (followers cross); tango walk; forward and backward ochos, basic floor craft, plus the purpose and fun of adornments.

During this level you will be encouraged to attend regular practice sessions at a “ Practica”  to sharpen your tango skills in a social environment. You will find this will escalate your progress. During the lessons tango and social dancing etiquette will be introduced.

Intermediate Level III 8pm-9pm

This level is for dancers who have completed the basic levels criteria and have a solid understanding of the underlying structure of tango. It is important to have both academic and experiential knowledge of material taught at the basic levels before undertaking the Intermediate III level classes. This will help you to have a better comprehension of what is being taught and enable you to feel more comfortable during the class.


At this level it is important to master close embrace, as sensitivity to the connection is explored within subtle movement and posture. Further vocabulary is introduced incorporating forward and backward boleos, gauchos and wraps. The giro step is explored on a much deeper level including rulos, sacadas and barridas.

Milonga etiquette is important and during this level you will be guided through the foils, pitfalls, pleasures and fun and encouraged to make the transition from classroom and practice to social dancing at the milonga

Advanced 9pm-10pm

The advanced level classes are for leaders and followers who have consolidated the material taught in Intermediate III and have a good understanding of the concepts and skills required to dance tango well. The tango is explored on deeper level in this class, building on improvisation and connection.


Challenging tango combinations are taught and discussed. Vocabulary includes volcadas and colgadas (off axis moves), back sacadas, and follower’s sacadas, giro steps incorporating enrosques and rulos. This level allows for the opportunity to deepen the expression of the dance, allowing your personal style to emerge through musicality and more complex adornments.

Monday Night Student Practica 10pm-10.30pm

Practica Tangueria

This is a time when students can practice what they have learnt during class, ask questions, socialise and get to know each other.

 *Please note* although we change partners regularly to attend the Advanced classes we prefer even numbers to facilitate efficient learning. This can be facilitated through our student social


Throughout the year workshops are held to focus on specific topics particularly a rhythm such as milonga or vals. Usually held over a weekend workshops will be announced well before the event.


Basics for Monday Night Tango Class