Often the first thing that attracts people to Argentinean Tango is the choreography. The sharp precise coordination of leg and foot movement is captivating, the bodies moving as one connected, sensual and yet at the same time free.


Coming from a strong dance background incorporating classical ballet, contemporary dance and over 20 years experience in Argentinian Tango, Dianne Heywood-Smith is highly qualified in choreographic technique. Tango and art are synonymous, with tango by definition lending itself to choreographic expression on many levels. The Tangueria/Sidewalk Tango have choreographed many pieces from comedy acts, complex acrobatic shows to abstract contemporary numbers.

If you are interested in having a tango choreographed for a special event we will be able to help you. Whether it is for a theatre performance. group number, a couple for a birthday, anniversary or wedding first dance we can create a unique piece to suit your dance ability and purpose. Our services include costume styling, stage presence and technique as well as lighting and music.

David Backler in  Girls on Boys

David Backler in Girls on Boys

Past shows…

In addition to the company’s many own productions, The Tangueria/Sidewalk Tango choreographed many corporate shows, school productions, dance and theatre productions.

Highlights have been:-

GirlsonBoys curated by Gulsen Ozer (Australian Stage review by Lola MacMillan)

Quartet/The Razar, an “A for Atlas theatre production directed by Xan Coleman (

Photo by Jane Clancy

Photo by Jane Clancy

Dianne Heywood-Smith in  Martini Tango Milonga

Dianne Heywood-Smith in Martini Tango Milonga

Choreographic Diversity

Innovative and avant-garde in their choreographic expression Sidewalk Tango are noted for their acrobatic work, particularly in Mission Impossible performed to the soundtrack of the same name written by Argentinean composer, Lalo Schifrin. The protagonists Harry Martini and Shanghail Lil were in and out of trouble, not to mention suitcases, searching the world for the Dragon Pearl and the perfect martini. The choreopgraphy was notably sharp and unique.

The theatre show Martini Tango Cabaret presented by the Creswick Theatre Company and performed in rural Victoria was choreographically multi-faceted incorporating comedy and beautiful dance pieces. Cecil Fortescue, (David), Mable Bowes-Lyons (Dianne) and the Sidewalk Tango team created a show full of atmosphere, thrills, comedy and emotion, complete with the ingredients for a perfectly balanced martini. The choreography was structured around the background and the many different personalities of tango dancers who frequent the milonga, (tango social) opening up the choreopgrahy to satire. The show was performed to sold-out audiences.

Martini Tango Cabaret Creswick artwork by Juarez Machado

Martini Tango Cabaret Creswick artwork by Juarez Machado