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Learn Argentinean Tango Melbourne
Tango Group Classes

Start the new year with the healthiest happiest form of activity and exercise….tango dancing. Argentinian Tango classes are run every Monday night at The Tangueria dance school, commencing at 7pm for tango basics. Stylish, sensual and extremely good fun. No partner required, start any time, casual attendance welcome. All classes are held at the dance studio, 327 Swan Street Richmond.

Take advantage of our special 10 class package offer.

Tango for Health
Benefits of Dancing Tango

Any form of exercise is beneficial for your health and wellbeing, but research has shown that Argentinian tango in particular promotes significant benefits for both mind and body.

Likened to a meditation, tango is not only movement through space with another person, but also stimulates mental connection enhanced by beautiful tango music.

Looking to Fast Track your Tango?
Private Lessons 2019

Private lessons in Argentinian tango provides the perfect path for learning tango on a deeper level. One on one tuition provides the opportunity to concentrate on your own particular technique and style, looking at how natural posture and body alignment can work to your advantage.

Special Autumn package offer for April - May 2019


Tango Dance Classes

Tango dance classes are held every Monday night at The Tangueria, 327 Swan Street Richmond in Melbourne. Our philosophy is to teach traditional Argentinian tango through natural organic movement embracing the tradition and culture of this fascinating art form. Our classes are conducted in a relaxed friendly environment where students can learn at their own pace, be active , socialise and enjoy tango.



Each person has their own reasons for wanting to learn and dance Argentinian tango, but ultimately it comes down to one thing….



The Tangueria/Sidewalk Tango are highly experienced at tango shows and performance on a spectacular level. We can organise a sensational show with beautiful costumes, expert choreography and evocative tango music.

Start Your Tango Adventure
People often say that they wish they had started learning Argentinian Tango sooner. In reality Tango comes to you when you are ready. If you feel you would like to start your tango journey, contact us and we will help you begin.