First Dance

The first dance as a married couple is a very special moment to be treasured and remembered forever. At the Tangueria we understand it is important to feel relaxed and confident and we can help you plan the dance of your dreams, from the embrace and connection to the choreography and music.

We can design a routine which matches your chosen song and personal style taking into consideration the wedding dress style, plus the size and placement of the dance floor.  We will help you to built a connection through the embrace. Experienced and professional teaching will make your learning fun and easy, giving you skills you can share together for many years to come.

We know this is a hectic time and can arrange for lessons to be booked to suit your busy schedule. Our experienced instructors will work with you to create a magical seamless dance that will be fun, effortless,and impress your guests.


Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding Dance Tips

  • Give yourself plenty of time to practice

  • Practice in similar style of dress and shoes you will be wearing on the day

  • Take the size of the dance floor into account

  • Decide who will introduce you and play the music

  • Have fun

Free Consultation

Argentine Tango is a beautiful and versatile dance.  It can be romantic, passionate, sentimental, sexy, fun or formal, so it's the perfect first dance as it can be tailored to suit your personalities and the mood and style you've chosen for your wedding.

No matter your level of dance experience we have several Wedding Dance Packages to suit your requirements. Contact us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your choreography and musical genre.


Wedding Dance Packages

Bronze Package $270.00
Learn a simple entrance, with some basic moves and a flourish or two in line with your music style.

3 x 1 hour Private Lessons

Silver Package $510.00

Have a splendidly composed routine, with added time to focus on lead and follow as well as choreography and musicality. This package allows for the opportunity to incorporate tango dips and lines.

6 x 1 hour Private Lessons

Deluxe Package $800.00
This package allows for you to learn a more complex first dance. You will have allowed plenty of time to learn how to lead and follow and amaze your guests with a choreographed routine from start to finish, with plenty of whirls and swirls.

10 x 1 Private Lessons

(Emergency Wedding Dance) Casual Private Lesson $100.00
This package is recommended for couples who are short on time. We can teach you important basic steps to your song, so that you don’t feel lost on the dance floor on that special day.

1 x 1 hour Private Lesson