Learning to dance Tango opens a potential new world of the senses…

The secret of the “Tango Embrace” allows us to experience and perceive a realm of personal freedom and a poetic self-expression. With our teaching in classes we try to maintain a light touch and bridge the gap between moments of difficulty and moments of elation that occur when learning dance. However, Tango does require dedication to achieve the desired results, and learning to dance Tango is certainly a challenge.

A Practica is designed to provide a safe environment for practising what you have learnt-- a space to work on your technique and dance with other students. This is the place for all tango dancers to gain valuable dancing experience in order to prepare for dancing in the Milonga. The Practica provides the opportunity to practice your moves, share information, discuss tango and improve your dance - get the muscle memory going, and allow for mistakes, stops and starts.

At The Tangueria we understand that tango requires some commitment in order to be learnt successfully and we take your learning experience seriously.

Practica Tangueria is run from 10.00pm -11.00pm on Monday nights after class when students relax, discuss their tango and practise what they have learnt. There is no substitute for hours spent on the dance floor.