For the Love of Tango


The Tangueria is the dance company of Dianne Heywood-Smith, professional tango dancer, choreographer and dedicated, inspiring teacher.

The Tangueria has evolved through Sidewalk Tango founded in1998, and the dance company of renowned performers and teachers David Backler and Dianne Heywood-Smith. Sidewalk Tango toured their dance and cabaret acts in theatres, clubs and festivals throughout Australia and overseas. Dianne together with her partner was the first Australian couple to perform in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Career highlights include performing at the Dans Palais Spiegeltent in New Zealand; touring with Argentinian composer, maestro Massimo Pujol and Trio in Melbourne and the Festival Theatre Adelaide; Glamour Bar on the Bund Shanghai; and performing on stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Myer Music Bowl.

Performance dance style is unique and daring, a kaleidoscope of magic, acrobatics and comedy. Their dazzling performances have drawn audiences and the press to described them as; “pure gold…riveting, compelling with immaculate technique” Limelight Magazine; and from the Herald Sun, “……you immediately know that you have embarked on a miraculous journey, shared with a myriad of people, in the hands of masters”. And again from Limelight Magazine a review from a performance at Adelaide Festival Theatre; “I was left with the impression of having seen something remarkable….a window into a musical and cultural past….. One of those rare, unforgettable evenings then, when all you can really say is “well, that was the real deal”

Sidewalk Tango has been officially recognised by Argentina for the substantial contribution made to Argentinian Tango throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas and in 2010 was proclaimed Australian Tango Ambassadors by the Argentinean Embassy in Canberra.  

Continuing as Australian Tango Ambassadors, The Tangueria believes that cultural diversity may be vital for the long-term survival of humanity and that the conservation of indigenous cultures may be as important to humankind as the conservation of species and ecosystems is to life in general. Classes are taught giving all due respect to the origin, historical background and traditional culture of tango Argentino.

At The Tangeria we are professionals dedicated to our art bringing together people who love tango and who are inspired to learn this unique art form.

Our teaching philosophy is built around respect for the history and origin of tango, respect for the music, respect for the dance, and respect for the people who have dedicated themselves to tango, those who have kept and those who are keeping the art form and essence of tango alive. 

Photo by Jane Clancy

Photo by Jane Clancy