It all started when…

La Practica is a community based, not-for-profit public event which started over 9 years ago when the students of Sidewalk Tango wanted to give something back to the tango and decided to organise and establish a practica. The event is still run by the original core group and longstanding students with the philosophy of creating a friendly environment where all tango dancers can practice their dancing skills, relax and socialise.

A “Practica” is an informal social dance setting designed to help you practise, this is where the real learning begins. It provides the opportunity for dancers to hone their skills and learn the culture, codes and etiquette of tango before venturing into the “Milonga” which is far more formal. Classes are for learning, practicas are for practicing and a milonga is the ultimate destination for dancing tango.

During the afternoon the organisers are more than happy to help answer any tango questions you may have, or you can simply relax and dance the afternoon away. Join us at La Practica for dancing, socialising, a cup of tea, a biccy, a slice of cake and fun with tango friends.

La Practica is run fortnightly on the second and fourth Sunday of every month from 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Currently held at Tango Esencia Studio, 327 Swan Street Richmond Vic.

Entry $7.00